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iKool Modular Sensor Faucet

iKool is a revolutionary, simple to use, easy to install, modular sensor faucet system.

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Imagine a trouble-free faucet system - one that eliminates costly maintenance and repairs. Traditional sensor faucets are prone to problems simply from daily operation. These messy repairs and high service costs render them highly unappealing. iKool engineered a modular design with servicing and maintenance in one elegant solution – making servicing your sensor faucet easy. Anyone can do it! With a simply twist of hand, older units easily can be removed and new ones installed, all without turning off your water source. No more crawling underneath the sink! No more expensive plumbing repairs! iKool is the solution you have been waiting for.



Recyclable Design - Made from ABS plastic material. Older units can easily be recycled.

100% Lead Free - Water pathway is constructed entirely out of polyoxymethylene, guaranteed to be completely lead-free.

Conserves Water - iKool activates only when hands are in range reducing the time of operation and reducing water consumption. 1.5 gallons per minute water flow when in use.

Intelligent Sensor - iKool automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of continuous operation.

Long Lasting Operation - iKool is guaranteed to operate 500,000 plus times of on & off cycles

Totally Touch Free - Eliminates the spread of communicable diseases

Safeguard Feature - iKool can be securely locked in place to deter vandalism.

Trouble-free Servicing - Easy to replace or service existing units without turning off water shut-off under the sink.

Low Power Consumption - Uses 4 alkaline AA batteries. Battery compartment is easily accessible.

Water Temperature Control - Unlike most sensor faucets, iKool allows the user to adjust hot & cold water to exact preference.

4” Cover Plate - Plate can be installed to cover-up existing 4” sink holes.

Durable Stainless Steel Base – iKool base is rust free and long-lasting.

Multinational Patented – iKool’s unique innovations hold world-wide patents and are certified by testing. Top quality is guaranteed.


Act now!

You can purchase a sample direct from our factory store at shop.avereninc.com


Or purchase them from selected Ferguson Entreprises Plumping Stores. For a location near you. Visit http://www.ferguson.com





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