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Electronic Toilet Flusher


Dependable Infrared Touch Free Electronic Flusher

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Infrared Sensor For Automatic Operation
Chrome Plated Brass Casting
Infrared Sensor Range Adjustable :40cm to 80cm
High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection
With One-piece Bottom Hex Coupling Nut
Manual Mechanical Override Button
Battery Power: CR-P2 Lithium Battery
Battery Life 2 Years ( Base on 3000 cycles per month)
Low Battery Indicater Light
Flush Time Adjustment Setting :
5 Second Arming Delay
1 Second Flush Delay
1" Control Stop Valve
1 1/2" Vacuum Breaker Tube
Spud Coupling and Flange for 1 1/2" Top Spud
Operating Water Pressure : 15 to 100 PSI
Completely Splash-proof Construction
Easy to Install and Maintain